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(Artesia #2 by Mark Smylie)

Artesia: Lady of the sword and of magic, leader of men, cunning, pragmatic, and even compassionate. Here she demonstrates the proper way to dispatch assassins stupid enough to think they could seduce her into letting her guard down.

I like her!


Jedi Leia


Jedi Leia


Tony Foti - Isawa Kaname on Flickr.

Hey… is that you? Oh… look at you. You’re alive. Me, I’m not so sure. Could use your help. I know this looks bad. Hey, say something already… Say something, will you?!

…Oh no.

I loved the visuals and plot hook of Transistor ever since they first appeared, but the game play of it just doesn’t appeal to me and I wish so much that you could avoid all that and just get the story experience.

The much cited difficulties regarding putting Wonder Woman on film—Wonder Woman isn’t big enough, and neither are Gal Gadot’s breasts—aren’t chiefly about Wonder Woman, or comic books, or superheroes, or movies. They’re about politics. Superman owes a debt to science fiction, Batman to the hardboiled detective. Wonder Woman’s debt is to feminism. She’s the missing link in a chain of events that begins with the woman-suffrage campaigns of the nineteen-tens and ends with the troubled place of feminism a century later. Wonder Woman is so hard to put on film because the fight for women’s rights has gone so badly.

The Last Amazon: Wonder Woman Returns. (it is not currently behind a paywall, since I was able to read it.)

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This article is important and valuable, and reveals Wonder Woman’s origin’s fascinating ties to early 20th century US feminism, Margaret Sanger, sexual politics, historical polyamory and bisexuality, and WWII.

“I have a message for you—a warning!” Washington says. “Women will lose the war for America! Women should not be permitted to have the responsibilities they now have! Women must not make shells, torpedoes, airplane parts—they must not be trusted with war secrets or serve in the armed forces. Women will betray their country through weakness if not treachery!”

Wonder Woman, watching from the side, cries out, “He’s working for the Axis!”

That being said, Gal Gadot is not “Gal Gadot, a lithe Israeli model.” She’s a model, yes, but in this context she’s an actress. Say it with me: act-ress. If you don’t like Gal Gadot in the Fast and the Furious franchise you should question your life choices.

Calling a woman a model shouldn’t be a put-down, but it this context it is being used that way, as shorthand that powerful WW is being portrayed by a mere pretty girl chosen for her face and body. Which would be ridiculous for Gadot even if she weren’t already an experienced actress — how many actresses proposed for WW are actual soldiers? How many taught physical fitness to soldiers? She’s tiny, yeah, but that doesn’t mean she’s not muscular.

I’m deeply annoyed that Gina Torres never got to play Wonder Woman, and Wonder Woman is a fantastic role for a less waiflike actress, someone larger, with more visually apparent muscle. Someone who finds it harder to get roles in the dickishness that is Hollywood. But that’s no reason to belittle Gal Gadot. She’s not who I’d have cast, either, but she’s not an anti-feminist choice in and of herself.

Now the fact that she’s a distant third in Batman movie number ninety billion and twelve? That’s the anti-feminist choice.

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Some outfit art from the RP blog

the final outfit was picked out by Coldwindscutclean for a prompt u v u




Na’amen Tilahun knows his comic book shit. 

Monica Rambeau is one of my all time favourite superheroes. She had her own title as Captain Marvel for a short stint in the 90’s. I actually have a Captain Marvel (Monica) sew on patch from the 80’s kicking around the house somewhere. 

Charly Beck was a great character in a comic book full of great characters. If you haven’t read DP7, go do that.

Jelene Anderson was a very powerful character and a wonderful representation of a person of faith. Strikeforce Morituri is another great read that few people have heard of. 





Female BAMFs Throughout History


I’m always wanting to read more about these posts immediately and I have trouble finding the sources.

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